Tracking Your Container For Free.

APL Tracking provide a third part apl container tracking system. With our container tracking system, you can get a real-time trace of your apl container.

Follow the below step to track your APL Logistics:

First, click the “Track” button on the right sidebar.

Second, enter apl vessel tracking number in the box, which should have format APLU1234567, shipping company will be selected automatically when possible.

Third, get real-time trace of your APL Tracking.

APL Tracking

APL Container Tracking Number Sample

About APL

APL is a wholly owned subsidiary of Singapore-based Neptune Orient Lines, a global transportation and logistics company engaged in shipping and related businesses.

We help customers grow their business – whether that is venturing into new territories, exploring new business opportunities, or growing in already developed markets. With more than 160 years’ experience, APL has the knowledge and the expertise to help you negotiate the increasingly complex and ever-changing global marketplace.

APL Contact Information

Telephone: +65 6371 5187
Fax: +65 6371 6429
Address: 456, ALEXANDRA ROAD